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England Pellet Stove Auger Motor 10+ Year Lifespan
England Pellet Stove Auger Motor 10+ Year Lifespan
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  • Motor Protection: Thermally Protected Bearings: Oilless
  • RPM: 1, Voltage: 115 VAC 60 Hz
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How would you feel if you knew this was the last time you had to do this chore? As a pellet stove repair technician I've replaced hundreds of auger motors in more than 10 years and I can promise you this is the best auger motor you can put in your stove. It's quieter than any other motor you can buy and lasts longer. 15-20 Year Lifespan - Maxi-Torque starts off by packaging the motor in a high strength metal casing for durability. Then they add a powerful copper wound transformer to drive the motor. Inside there are the highest quality components. The gear sets and bearings are manufactured with tolerances so small they can only be measured using a microscope. This motor is calibrated for high stress, high temperature operation so it stays cooler and last longer while effectively breaking through pellet fuel pile ups.

CEM: MAS7000 Microwave Ashing Furnace Sold by Laboratory Instrument Specialists, Inc.
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CEM® MAS7000TM Microwave Ashing Oven- Reconditioned Sold by: Laboratory Instrument Specialists, Inc. [A California Corporation since 2003] Description: CEM® MAS7000TM Microwave Ashing Oven- Reconditioned With built-in serial and parallel ports Can easily be transformed into a complete center to ash and weigh samples Requires no exhaust hood and can be used virtually anywhere Durable construction Complies with AOAC Official Methods Precise measurement of liquids, solids, slurries, fat (when used with CEM Fat Extractor), High volatiles Dilution, total suspended solids (TSS) and bias Syringe weighing Printer Interface: 25-pin parallel Specification: Temperature Capabilities: 1000°C +/- 3°C; 1200°C +/- 3°C (limited lifespan of furnace insulation when operated at 1200°C) Voltage selection switch permits electrical voltage to be switched from 208/230V or 220/240V Power Output: 1400 watt magnetron with a power output of 900 watts minimum (at nominal line voltage) Magnetron Frequency: 2455MHz Exhaust Capabilities: 100 CFM Printer Port: 25-Pin Parallel Balance Interface: RS-232, Serial Interface IR Detection System: Infrared detection device fro door protection Internal Calibration of Temperature Control: Calibrated to NIST Traceable Standard Internal Diagnostic Software: BITS System (Built-in Test System) Analyzes magnetron hrs. system power on hrs, time spent on various temperatures, number of door openings and classing, calibration time and date calibration set points, calibration tables and data. Safety Interlock: Three safety interlock mechanisms prevent instrument operation and microwave emissions in case of improper door closure or misalignment Electrical Requirement: 208/230 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 amps / 220/240 VAC, 50 Hz, 10 amps Overall Instrument Dimensions: 18.17 25.75 x 19.60in. (WxDxH) / 46.15 x 65.40 x 49.78 (WxDxH) Furnace Chamber Dimensions: 8.25 x 4.55 x 3.00 (WxDxH) / 20.96 x 11.56 x 7.62 (WxDxH) Unit Weight: 97.5 lbs. / 44.226kg

Bryant Furnace Life Expectancy

What is the life expectancy of Bryant furnaces? How long do they last? How long can they go without needing to be repaired? Read more furnace reviews - http:...

Geothermal heating ain't sexy, but it is very green - Beacon News (blog)

Geothermal heating simply taps into energy already trapped in earth’s crust By David Dodge, Green Energy Futures . Of all of the sources of green energy, geothermal heating is probably the least sexy, but one of the most cost-effective – and easy... Solar panels glint in the sunshine and wind turbines spin majestically but.


@WalnutHulls It's going to be OK on our end. But you'd think you would replace a 34 year old furnace... with a 20 year lifespan.... Furnace Tip #2: Getting a furnace clean and check will extend the lifespan of the unit and help to prevent any breakdowns this winter! #CHI


Grief and Loss Across the Lifespan

Grief and Loss Across the Lifespan

"[Grief and Loss Across the Lifespan] represents a significant advance because it looks at the issues from a bio-psychosocial perspective. To a social worker who has worked mainly in a medical and nursing environment, this is a great step forward." --Bereavement Care "[Offers] valued sensitivities, knowledge, and insights, and most importantly, age-appropriate interventions for a range of significant losses....Counselors will want to keep this indispensable work close at hand." -Kenneth J. Doka, PhD Author, Counseling Individuals With Life-Threatening Illness "By taking a lifespan view, this book fills a gap in the literature on loss and grief and takes theory and practice in new and invigorating directions. It will be welcomed by those professionals of all disciplines who daily listen to and help re-write narratives of loss." -Jeffrey S. Applegate, PhD Professor Emeritus Graduate School of Social Work & Social Research Bryn Mawr College "[A] thorough, thoughtful, sensitive, and up-to-date contribution that may be the best book available today for teaching bereavement, grief, and mourning .[H]ighly recommended for experienced grief professionals as well as for students." -Jeffrey Kauffman, MA, MS, LCSW, BD, CT, CAS, BCETS Psychotherapist in private practice, Philadelphia, PA "Walter and McCoyd have written a well-organized and comprehensive examination of grief and bereavement that will be useful to the seasoned professional as well as the student new to grief and loss. The historical analysis of grief theory from classic to postmodern is interesting reading and essential for a full understanding of grief and loss in modern society. " --Paige E. Payne, MS, MSW, LSW Support Services Manager PinnacleHealth Home Care and Hospice Harrisburg, PA Grief and Loss Across the Lifespan is unique in its treatment of grieving patterns and intervention strategies for different age groups. With this book, students and practitioners will learn how grief is influenced by biological responses to stress, psychological responses to loss, as well as social norms and support networks. The authors utilize a developmental framework, as each level of development from infancy through old age is addressed in four ways: Reviews normal developmental issues, abilities, and challenges for the age in question Analyzes how individuals of each age cope with serious loss of a significant other, and how they may experience life-threatening illness themselves Examines how significant others react to and mourn the death of someone in that age range Identifies the normative losses a person is likely to experience, and addresses protective and risky ways of coping with those losses The authors review important grief theories, such as postmodern and Dual Process Theory, and discuss current topics in grief, including continuing bonds, meaning making, ambiguous loss, and disenfranchised loss. With the help of this book, practitioners and students of grief counseling can learn to help patients of all ages understand that loss is at the heart of life and growth.

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Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) Furnaces From Harper International

It has a positive seal construction techniques resulting in greatly enhanced furnace life, and heating area composed of a well insulated chamber which minimizes the heat loss from the system. The multifaceted approach to superior gas tight ...

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